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    Name:  Rory Calhoun
    Also known as:  Frank McCown
    Nicknames:  Smoky


    Pictures of Rory Calhoun


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    Movies featuring Rory Calhoun

    Operation Cross Eagles (1968) (movie) [Rory Calhoun as Sgt. Sean McAfee]
    Red House, The (1947) (movie) [Teller]
    Silver Whip, The (1953) (movie) [Sheriff Tom Davison (Red Rock)]
    Flatbed Annie & Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers (1979) (TV show) [Farmer]
    Something for the Boys (1944) (movie) [Soldier]
    Treasure of Monte Cristo, The (1961) (movie) [Rory Calhoun as Captain Adam Corbett]
    Great John L., The (1945) (movie) [James J. Corbett]
    Marco Polo (1961) (movie) [Marco Polo]
    Face in the Rain (1963) (movie) [Rand]
    Red Sundown (1956) (movie) [Deputy Alec Longmire]
    I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (1951) (movie) [Rory Calhoun as Jack Stark]
    Flight to Hong Kong (1956) (movie) [Tony Dumont]
    Flight to Holocaust (1977) (TV show) [Ed Davis]
    Powder River (1953) (movie) [Chino Bullock]
    Saga of Hemp Brown, The (1958) (movie) [Hemp Brown]
    Dayton's Devils (1968) (movie) [Rory Calhoun as Mike Page]
    Way of a Gaucho (1952) (movie) [Martin]
    Blue and the Gray, The (1982) (TV mini series) [Gen. George Meade]
    Hollywood Without Make-Up (1950) (movie) [Himself]
    Mule Feathers (1977) (movie)
    Love and the Midnight Auto Supply (1977) (movie) [Rory as Len Thompson]
    Spoilers, The (1955) (movie) [Alexander McNamara]
    Miraculous Journey (1948) (movie) [Larry]
    Thunder in Carolina (1960) (movie) [Mitch Cooper]
    Bitter Heritage (1979) (movie) [Manuel]
    51st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, The (1999) (TV show) [Himself (Memorial Tribute)]
    Gun Hawk, The (1963) (movie) [Blaine Madden]
    Night of the Lepus (1972) (movie) [Cole Hillman]
    Yellow Tomahawk, The (1954) (movie) [Adam]
    Hell Comes to Frogtown (1987) (movie) [Looney Tunes]
    Motel Hell (1980) (movie) [Rory as Vincent Smith]
    Raw Edge (1956) (movie) [Tex Kirby]
    Sundown (1941) (movie)
    Dawn at Socorro (1954) (movie) [Brett Rutledge Wade]
    Rebels, The (1979) (TV mini series) [Breen]
    Gioco delle spie, Il (1966) (movie) [Rory as Sadov]
    Sunday Dinner for a Soldier (1944) (movie) [Soldier in Truck]
    Bad Jim (1990) (movie) [Sam Harper]
    Utah Blaine (1957) (movie) [Utah Blaine]
    Nob Hill (1945) (movie) [Jose, Boxer sparring with Tony]
    Smokey and the Judge (1980) (movie) [Rory as Matt Polsky]
    Ride Out for Revenge (1957) (movie) [Tate]
    Muchacha del Nilo, La (1969) (movie)
    That Hagen Girl (1947) (movie) [Ken Freneau]
    How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) (movie) [Eben]
    Ain't Misbehavin' (1955) (movie) [Rory Calhoun as Kenneth Post]
    Avenging Angel (1985) (movie) [Kit Carson]
    Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1976) (movie) [Philip Hart]
    72nd Annual Academy Awards, The (2000) (TV show) [Himself (Memorial Tribute)]
    Main Event, The (1979) (movie) [Fighter in Kid's camp]
    Half Nelson (1985) (TV show)
    Sand (1949) (movie) [Chick Palmer]
    Texan, The (1958) (TV series) (TV Series) [Bill Longley (1958-1960)]
    Meet Me After the Show (1951) (movie) [David Hemingway]
    River of No Return (1954) (movie) [Harry Weston (gambler)]
    Big Caper, The (1957) (movie) [Rory as Frank Harper]
    Bullfighters, The (1945) (movie) [Disgusted matador]
    Roller Blade Warriors: Taken by Force (1989) (movie) [Old Turkel]
    Capitol (1982) (TV series) (TV Series) [Judge Judson Tyler]
    Death Valley Days (1952) (TV series) (TV Series) [Himself/Host (1963; 'Western Star Theater' version)]
    Massacre River (1949) (movie) [Rory Calhoun as Lt. Phil Acton]
    Apache Uprising (1966) (movie) [Jim Walker]
    Makin' It (1980) (movie)
    Revenge of Bigfoot (1979) (movie) [Bob Spence]
    Rogue River (1951) (movie) [Ownie Rogers]
    Angel (1984) (movie) [Rory Calhoun as Kit Carson]
    Finger on the Trigger (1965) (movie) [Larry Winton]
    Treasure of Pancho Villa, The (1955) (movie) [Tom Bryan]
    Colosso di Rodi, Il (1961) (movie) [Darios]
    Looters, The (1955) (movie) [Jesse Hill]
    Domino Kid (1957) (movie) [Rory as Domino]
    Apache Territory (1958) (movie) [Logan Cates]
    With a Song in My Heart (1952) (movie) [John Burn]
    Operacion Dalila (1967) (movie) [Rory]
    Where Do We Go from Here? (1945) (movie) [Soldier leaving canteen]
    Little Vic (1975) (TV mini series) [Rory Calhoun as Lead]
    Pure Country (1992) (movie) [Ernest Tucker]
    Land's End (1968) (TV show)
    Bullet Is Waiting, A (1954) (movie) [Ed Stone]
    Return of the Frontiersman (1950) (movie) [Larrabee]
    Mission to Glory: A True Story (1977) (movie)
    Adventure Island (1947) (movie) [Mr. Herrick]
    Virgenes de la nueva ola, Las (1967) (movie)
    Black Spurs (1965) (movie) [Santee]
    Four Guns to the Border (1954) (movie) [Ray Cully]
    Young and the Brave, The (1963) (movie) [Rory Calhoun as MSgt. Ed Brent (escaped POW)]
    Hired Gun, The (1957) (movie) [Gil McCord]
    Ticket to Tomahawk, A (1950) (movie) [Dakota]
    Young Fury (1965) (movie) [Clint McCoy]
    County Fair (1950) (movie) [Peter Brennan]

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