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    Name:  Bolo Yeung
    Also known as:  Bolo , Bolo Young, Sze Yang, Yang Sze, Yang Szu
    Nicknames:  The Beast from the East


    Pictures of Bolo Yeung


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    Movies featuring Bolo Yeung

    Enter the Dragon (1973) (movie) [Bolo as Bolo]
    Foo gwai lit che (1986) (movie) [Cameo]
    Top Fighter (1995) (video)
    Fists, the Kicks and the Evil, The (1979) (movie)
    Image of Bruce Lee (1978) (movie) [Kimura]
    Fight! Dragon (1974) (TV series) (TV Series)
    Super Kung Fu Kid (1974) (movie) [Tiger]
    Da mo tie zhi gong (1977) (movie)
    Fearless Tiger (1994) (movie) [Master on Mountain]
    Writing Kung Fu (1979) (movie) [Ah-yan Yen]
    Tiger Claws II (1997) (movie) [Bolo as Chong]
    Clones of Bruce Lee, The (1977) (movie)
    Gekisatsu! Judo ken (1977) (movie)
    Juk nei ho wan (1985) (movie)
    Si wang mo ta (1978) (movie)
    Kumite (2005) (movie)
    Xiong zhong (1982) (movie)
    Fist of Legend 2: Iron Bodyguards (1996) (movie)
    E yu tou hei sha xing (1978) (movie) [Lu's Henchman]
    Mo (1983) (movie)
    Bolo (1977) (movie) [Bolo as Bolo]
    Invincible (1980) (movie)
    Bloodsport (1988) (movie) [Chong Li]
    Shootfighter II (1995) (movie) [Shingo]
    Thunderkick (1973) (movie)
    Tiger Claws (1992) (movie) [Bolo Yeung as Chong]
    Life of Bruce Lee, The (1993) (TV show) [Himself]
    E ke (1972) (movie)
    She xing zui bu (1979) (movie) [The Giant]
    He Lan Du ren tou (1978) (movie)
    G-Men '75 (1975) (TV series) (TV Series)
    10 Magnificent Killers (1977) (movie) [Ling Chu]
    Chinese Hercules (1973) (movie) [Chiang Tai]
    Shootfighter: Fight to the Death (1992) (movie) [Shingo]
    Wan jian chuan xin (1971) (movie)
    Bloodfight (1989) (movie) [Bolo Yeung as Chong Lee]
    Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge (1978) (movie)
    Mean Kung Fu Killer(????) (movie)
    Dong kai ji (1975) (movie)
    Da gung wong dai (1985) (movie) [Giant Kickboxer]
    Ironheart (1992) (movie) [Bolo Yeung as Ice]
    Zui jia fu xing (1986) (movie) [Movie Patron]
    Gymkata Killer (1978) (movie)
    Magnificent Duo, The (1992) (movie) [Bolo]
    Nu sha shou (1971) (movie)
    Breathing Fire (1991) (movie) [Bolo Yeung as Thunder]
    Bruce Lee's Dragons Fight Back (1985) (movie)
    Dragon, the Hero (1979) (movie)
    Yi qi liang fu (1988) (movie) [Muscleman]
    Shuang xia (1971) (movie)
    Way of the Dragon 2 (1985) (movie)
    Kung Fu Massacre (1975) (movie)
    Double Impact (1991) (movie) [Moon]
    Fearless Master (1980) (movie) [Yang Tze]
    Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Mania (1992) (movie)
    Huan chang (1985) (movie) [Bolo as Bar Customer in Green Shirt]
    Greatest Thai Boxing (1973) (movie)
    Tian xia di yi quan (1973) (movie)
    Enter Three Dragons (1979) (movie)
    TC 2000 (1993) (movie) [Sumai]
    Bruce the Super Hero (1979) (movie)
    Sap saam taai bo (1970) (movie) [General Meng Chieh Hui]
    Fuk sing go jiu (1985) (movie) [Millionaire Chan]
    E tan qun hing ying hui (1976) (movie) [Ram]
    Kung Fu's Hero (1979) (movie)
    Long zai jiang hu (1986) (movie) [Bolo Yeung as Thug]
    Ninja Killer (1973) (movie) [Mr. Yang]

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