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    Name:  Brad Dourif


    Pictures of Brad Dourif


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    Movies featuring Brad Dourif

    Spontaneous Combustion (1990) (movie) [Brad as Sam]
    Ghost, The (2000) (movie) [Lt. Garland]
    Myst III: Exile (2001) (video game) [Saavedro]
    Great War of Magellan, The (2003) (movie)
    Bride of Chucky (1998) (movie) [Chucky]
    Terror on Highway 91 (1989) (TV show) [Brad as Keith Evans]
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) (movie) [Billy Bibbit]
    Escape to Witch Mountain (1995) (TV show) [Luther/Bruno]
    London Kills Me (1991) (movie) [Hemingway the Restaurant Manager]
    Storytellers, The (1999) (movie)
    Alien: Resurrection (1997) (movie) [Brad Dourif as Dr. Jonathan Gediman]
    Best Men (1997) (movie) [Lt. John G. Coleman]
    Grim Prairie Tales (1990) (movie) [Farley]
    Child's Play 3 (1991) (movie) [Chucky]
    Color of Night (1994) (movie) [Clark]
    Ragtime (1981) (movie) [Brad Dourif as Younger Brother]
    Drop Dead Sexy (2005) (movie) [Herman]
    Brown's Requiem (1998) (movie) [Edwards]
    Impure Thoughts (1985) (movie) [Kevin Harrington]
    Mound Builders, The (1976) (TV show) [Chad Jasker]
    Escape from Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story (1994) (TV show) [Brad Dourif as Sheriff Bill Douglass]
    If Looks Could Kill (1996) (TV show) [M. Eugene 'Gene' Hanson]
    Progeny (1998) (movie) [Dr. Bert Clavell]
    Medium Rare (1987) (movie)
    Vengeance: The Story of Tony Cimo (1986) (TV show) [Lamar Sands]
    Jamaica Beat (1997) (movie) [Brad Dourif as Tom Peterson]
    Rage of Angels: The Story Continues (1986) (TV show) [Seymour Bourne]
    Wild Blue Yonder, The (2005) (movie) [The Alien]
    Tekerolantos naploja, A (1999) (movie) [Gabriel]
    Vlad (2003) (movie) [Radescu]
    Blue Velvet (1986) (movie) [Brad Dourif as Raymond]
    Horror Hall of Fame, The (1990) (TV show) [Chucky/Presenter]
    Hidden Agenda (1990) (movie) [Paul Sullivan]
    Murder in the First (1995) (movie) [Byron Stamphill]
    Fatal Beauty (1987) (movie) [Leo Nova]
    Dune (1984) (movie) [Brad Dourif as Piter De Vries]
    Heaven's Gate (1980) (movie) [Mr. Eggleston]
    Phoenix (1995) (movie) [Reiger]
    Death Machine (1995) (movie) [Jack Dante]
    Prophecy 3: The Ascent, The (2000) (video) [Zealot]
    Senseless (1998) (movie) [Brad Dourif as Dr. Wheedon]
    Step Toward Tomorrow, A (1996) (movie) [Kirby]
    Amos & Andrew (1993) (movie) [Officer Donnie Donaldson]
    Alien Saga, The (2002) (TV show) [Himself/interviewee]
    Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, The (2004) (video game)
    Devil's Due at Midnight, The (2004) (video) [Brad Dourif as The Dark One]
    Urban Legend (1998) (movie) [Michael McDonnell, gas station attendant]
    Chaindance (1990) (movie) [Johnny Reynolds]
    Deadwood (2004) (TV series) (TV Series) [Doc Cochran]
    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The (2002) (movie) [Grima Wormtongue]
    Sworn to Justice (1996) (movie) [Brad Dourif as Teddy]
    Trauma (1993) (movie) [Dr. Lloyd]
    Brew (2005) (movie)
    W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings (1975) (movie)
    Gruppenbild mit Dame (1977) (movie) [Boris Koltowski]
    Sonny Boy (1990) (movie) [Brad as Weasel]
    Soulkeeper (2001) (movie) [Mr. Pascal]
    Interceptors (1999) (movie) [David M. Webber, CIA]
    Exorcist III, The (1990) (movie) [The Gemini Killer/James Venamun]
    Playing Patti (1998) (movie)
    Wild Palms (1993) (TV mini series) [Brad Dourif as Chickie Levitt]
    Calling, The (2002) (movie) [B.B. Gallen]
    Horseplayer (1990) (movie) [Bud Cowan]
    Desire, the Vampire (1982) (TV show) [Paul]
    Jungle Fever (1991) (movie) [Leslie]
    Critters 4 (1991) (video) [Brad as Al Bert]
    Worn Path, A (1994) (movie) [Hunter]
    Body Parts (1991) (movie) [Remo Lacey]
    Run Like Hell (2002) (video game) [Fred]
    One Step Beyond: The Making of 'Alien: Resurrection' (2003) (video) [Himself]
    Making 'Deadwood': The Show Behind the Show (2004) (TV show) [Himself]
    Wise Blood (1979) (movie) [Hazel Motes]
    Silicon Towers (1999) (movie) [Alton]
    Graveyard Shift (1990) (movie) [Tucker Cleveland/The Exterminator]
    Nightwatch (1997) (movie) [Duty Doctor]
    Istanbul (1985) (movie) [Brad Dourif as Martin Klamski]
    Final Judgement (1992) (movie) [Father Tyrone]
    Box, The (2003) (movie) [Stan]
    Shadow Hours (2000) (movie) [Roland Montague]
    Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of 'Heaven's Gate' (2004) (movie) [Himself]
    Murder Blues (1990) (movie) [Brad Dourif as John Barnes]
    Hazing, The (2004) (movie) [Professor Kapps]
    Black Out (1996) (movie) [Thomas Payne]
    Ponderosa (2001) (TV series) (TV Series) [Maurice 'Frenchy' Devereaux (2001)]
    Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) (movie) [Tommy Ludlow]
    Studs Lonigan (1979) (TV mini series) [Brad Dourif as Danny O'Neill]
    Seed of Chucky (2004) (movie) [Chucky]
    Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980) (TV show) [David Langtree]
    Sergeant Matlovich Vs. the U.S. Air Force (1978) (TV show) [Sgt. Leonard Matlovich]
    Child's Play (1988) (movie) [Charles Lee Ray/Chucky's Voice]
    Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation (2001) (video) [Brad as Chucky/Charles Lee Ray (Child's Play 2)]
    Mississippi Burning (1988) (movie) [Deputy Clinton Pell]
    Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The (2003) (movie) [Grima Wormtongue (extended edition)]
    Cypress Edge (1999) (movie) [Colin McCammon]
    Child's Play 2 (1990) (movie) [Chucky]
    Desperado: The Outlaw Wars (1989) (TV show) [Brad Dourif as Camillus Fly]
    Cerro Torre: Schrei aus Stein (1991) (movie) [Fingerless]
    Padrino, El (2004) (movie) [Cyrus]

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