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    Name:  Bruce Li
    Also known as:  Bruce Ho Chung Tao, Ho Chung Tao, Ho Tsung Tao, Hsiao-Lung Lei, Lee Shiao-Lung, Lee Roy Lung, Shao-Lung Lee


    Pictures of Bruce Li


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    Movies featuring Bruce Li

    Nan yang tang ren jie (1977) (movie) [Bruce as Yu Fong]
    Shen tan guang tou mei (1982) (movie) [Tan Lung]
    Chin se tai yang (1976) (movie) [Bruce]
    Deadly Strike, The (1980) (movie)
    Image of Bruce Lee (1978) (movie) [Dragon (Special Squad leader)]
    Jie quan ying zhua gong (1979) (movie) [Bruce as Chen Shen]
    Superdragon Vs. Superman (1977) (movie)
    Zhong yuan biao ju (1976) (movie) [Li Ti-lung]
    Bruce Lee Vs. the Supermen (1975) (movie)
    Enter Three Dragons (1979) (movie)
    Top Fighter (1995) (video)
    Enter the Panther (1976) (movie)
    Master of Jeet Kun Do (1980) (movie)
    Lao gu lao nu lao shang lao (1974) (movie)
    Da jiao tou yu sao niang zi (1977) (movie)
    Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Mania (1992) (movie)
    Bruce Against Iron Hand (1976) (movie)
    Great Hero (1978) (movie)
    She nu yu chao (1978) (movie) [Chang Wan-li]
    Real Bruce Lee, The (1973) (movie) [Div]
    Soul Brothers of Kung Fu (1976) (movie)
    Yang chun da xiong (1976) (movie) [Bruce]
    Return of the Tiger (1979) (movie) [Chang Wong]
    Mang quan gui shou (1981) (movie)
    Amazing Masters of Martial Arts (1985) (video)
    Young Bruce Lee, The (1982) (movie) [Bruce as Bruce Lee]
    Fists of Bruce Lee (1978) (movie) [Lee Min-Chin]
    Yung chun ta hsiung (1977) (movie)
    Da chu tou (1979) (movie) [Hong]
    Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger (1976) (movie) [David Lee/Tiger]
    Death by Misadventure (1993) (movie) [Himself]
    Iron Dragon Strikes Back (1979) (movie)
    Long de ying zi (1981) (movie)
    Golden Sun (1984) (movie)
    Cinema of Vengeance (1994) (movie)
    Li Hsiao Lung chuan chi (1976) (movie) [Bruce as Bruce Lee]
    Bu ze shou duan (1978) (movie) [Lee Tien-yee]
    Jie Quan ying zhao gong (1977) (movie) [Chen Shen]
    Goodbye Bruce Lee (1975) (movie) [Lee Hsaio Lung]

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