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    Name:  Charles Laughton


    Pictures of Charles Laughton


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    Movies featuring Charles Laughton

    Payment Deferred (1932) (movie) [Charles Laughton as William 'Willie'/'Will' Marble]
    Down River (1931) (movie) [Captain Grossman]
    This Is Charles Laughton (1953) (TV series) (TV Series) [Host (1953)]
    Island of Lost Souls (1933) (movie) [Dr. Moreau]
    Strange Door, The (1951) (movie) [Alain de Maletroit]
    Man on the Eiffel Tower, The (1950) (movie) [Charles as Inspector Jules Maigret]
    It Started with Eve (1941) (movie) [Jonathan Reynolds]
    Hobson's Choice (1954) (movie) [Henry Horatio Hobson]
    Sotto dieci bandiere (1960) (movie) [Admiral Russell]
    Suspect, The (1944) (movie) [Philip Marshall]
    Man from Down Under, The (1943) (movie) [Charles Laughton as Jocko Wilson]
    Daydreams (1928) (movie) [Ram Das]
    I, Claudius (1937) (movie) [Claudius]
    Salome (1953) (movie) [King Herod]
    Barretts of Wimpole Street, The (1934) (movie) [Edward Moulton-Barrett]
    Big Clock, The (1948) (movie) [Charles as Earl Janath]
    They Knew What They Wanted (1940) (movie) [Tony]
    Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd (1952) (movie) [Capt. William Kidd]
    If I Had a Million (1932) (movie) [Phineas V. Lambert]
    Young Bess (1953) (movie) [King Henry VIII]
    Arch of Triumph (1948) (movie) [Charles Laughton as Ivon Haake]
    Old Dark House, The (1932) (movie) [Sir William Porterhouse]
    Spartacus (1960) (movie) [Sempronius Gracchus]
    Tales of Manhattan (1942) (movie) [Charles Smith]
    Bribe, The (1949) (movie) [J.J. Bealer]
    This Land Is Mine (1943) (movie) [Charles Laughton as Albert Lory]
    Devil and the Deep (1932) (movie) [Commander Charles Sturm]
    Girl from Manhattan, The (1948) (movie) [The Bishop]
    Epic That Never Was, The (1965) (TV show) [Tiberius Claudius]
    Witness for the Prosecution (1957) (movie) [Sir Wilfrid Robarts]
    Sidewalks of London (1938) (movie) [Charles Laughton as Charles Staggers]
    Because of Him (1946) (movie) [John Sheridan]
    Blue Bottles (1928) (movie) [Burglar]
    Advise and Consent (1962) (movie) [Sen. Seabright Cooley]
    Stand by for Action (1942) (movie) [RAdm. Stephen Thomas]
    Miserables, Les (1935) (movie) [Charles Laughton as Inspector Javert]
    Tuttles of Tahiti, The (1942) (movie) [Jonas Tuttle]
    Paradine Case, The (1947) (movie) [Judge Lord Thomas Horfield]
    Forever and a Day (1943) (movie) [Bellamy (Dexter's butler)]
    News of the Day (1952) (movie) [Himself]
    Captain Kidd (1945) (movie) [Charles Laughton as Capt. William Kidd]
    Blue Veil, The (1951) (movie) [Fred K. Begley]
    Rembrandt (1936) (movie) [Rembrandt van Rijn]
    Canterville Ghost, The (1944) (movie) [Sir Simon de Canterville/The Ghost]
    Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) (movie) [Marmaduke 'Bill' Ruggles]
    Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1939) (movie) [Charles Laughton as Quasimodo]
    Piccadilly (1929) (movie) [A Nightclub Diner]
    White Woman (1933) (movie) [Horace H. Prin]
    Private Life of Henry VIII., The (1933) (movie) [King Henry VIII]
    Comets (1930) (movie) [Himself]
    Sign of the Cross, The (1932) (movie) [Charles as Emperor Nero]
    Passport to Destiny (1944) (movie) [Photo of Sergeant Major Henry Albert Muggins]
    Leben des Galilei (1947) (movie) [Galileo Galilei]
    Abbott and Costello Meet Jerry Seinfeld (1994) (TV show)
    Vessel of Wrath (1938) (movie) [Edward Claude 'Ginger Ted' Wilson]
    Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) (movie) [Charles Laughton as Capt. William Bligh]
    Head (1968) (movie) [Himself]
    Jamaica Inn (1939) (movie) [Sir Humphrey Pengallan]
    Wolves (1930) (movie) [Captain Job]
    That's Action (1977) (movie) [Himself]
    Hollywood Without Make-Up (1950) (movie) [Himself]
    O. Henry's Full House (1952) (movie) [Soapy (The Cop and the Anthem)]

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