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    Name:  Charles Chaplin
    Also known as:  Ch. Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin, Sir Charles Chaplin
    Nicknames:  Charlie, Charlot, The Little Tramp


    Pictures of Charles Chaplin


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    Movies featuring Charles Chaplin

    Funniest Man in the World, The (1967) (movie)
    ¡Que tiempos aquellos! (1951) (movie)
    Birth of a Nation (1997) (movie) [Himself]
    Rink, The (1916) (movie) [A Waiter. Posing as Sir Cecil Seltzer]
    Gentlemen of Nerve (1914) (movie) [Track Fanatic]
    44th Annual Academy Awards, The (1972) (TV show) [Himself - Honorary Award Recipient]
    Only In Hollywood (1991) (TV series) (TV Series) [Himself]
    Work (1915) (movie) [Izzy A. Wake's assistant]
    Charlie Chaplin Carnival (1938) (movie) [Various roles]
    30 Years of Fun (1963) (movie)
    Nut, The (1921) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Cameo appearance]
    Her Friend the Bandit (1914) (movie) [Bandit]
    Film Parade, The (1933) (movie) [Archive Footage, 'The Champion' (1915)]
    Hollywood (1923) (movie) [Himself, Cameo appearance]
    Circus, The (1928) (movie) [A Tramp]
    Celluloid Closet, The (1995) (movie) [Charles as David, Goliath's assistant]
    Chase Me Charlie (1918) (movie) [Charlie]
    March of Time: The Movies Move On (1939) (movie) [Himself]
    Film Johnnie, A (1914) (movie) [The Film Johnnie]
    City Lights (1931) (movie) [A Tramp]
    Funny Business (1992) (TV series) (TV Series)
    His Regeneration (1915) (movie) [A customer]
    Mary Pickford: A Life on Film (1997) (movie) [Himself (with Pickford, Fairbanks, Griffith)]
    Chaplin Today: Limelight (2002) (TV show)
    Chaplin Today: The Circus (2003) (TV show)
    His Prehistoric Past (1914) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Mr. Weakchin]
    Mabel's Strange Predicament (1914) (movie) [Tramp]
    Charlie: The Life and Art of Charles Chaplin (2003) (movie) [Himself]
    Chaplin Today: The Gold Rush (2003) (TV show)
    Limelight (1952) (movie) [Calvero]
    Nice and Friendly (1922) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Tramp]
    Idle Class, The (1921) (movie) [Tramp and Husband]
    Mabel at the Wheel (1914) (movie) [Villain]
    Laughing Gas (1914) (movie) [Dentist's Assistant]
    Property Man, The (1914) (movie) [The Property Man]
    Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Power of Women in Hollywood (2000) (TV show) [Himself]
    Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (1975) (movie) [Himself]
    Sports on the Silver Screen (1997) (TV show) [Himself]
    Unknown Chaplin (1983) (TV show) [Himself - in Out-Takes]
    His New Profession (1914) (movie) [Charlie]
    Cure, The (1917) (movie) [Charles as The Inebriate]
    Chaplinesque, My Life and Hard Times (1972) (movie) [Himself]
    Screen Snapshots (1926) (movie) [Himself]
    Between Showers (1914) (movie) [Masher]
    Kid Auto Races at Venice (1914) (movie) [Tramp]
    Hollywood (1980) (TV mini series)
    Souls for Sale (1923) (movie) [Celebrity]
    Monsieur Verdoux (1947) (movie) [Henri Verdoux]
    Charlie Chaplin: Mennesket, klovnen og instruktøren (1967) (TV series) (TV Series) [Himself]
    Hollywood My Home Town (1965) (movie) [Himself]
    Pilgrim, The (1923) (movie) [Charles as The Pilgrim]
    Tramp, The (1915) (movie) [Tramp]
    Cecil B. DeMille: American Epic (2004) (TV show) [Himself]
    Hollywood on Parade (1932) (movie) [Himself]
    Floorwalker, The (1916) (movie) [Tramp]
    Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust (2004) (movie)
    Captured on Film: The True Story of Marion Davies (2001) (TV show) [Himself]
    Making a Living (1914) (movie) [Swindler]
    Vagabond, The (1916) (movie) [Street Musician]
    Ken Murray Shooting Stars (1979) (movie) [Himself]
    Masquerader, The (1914) (movie) [Charles as Film Actor]
    Hollywood Sex Symbols (1988) (video)
    Herrliche Zeiten (1950) (movie) [Himself]
    Oscar's Greatest Moments (1992) (video) [Himself]
    His Musical Career (1914) (movie) [Piano Mover]
    Chaplin (1992) (movie) [Charles as The Little Tramp/Adenoid Hynkel/A Jewish Barber]
    Mabel's Busy Day (1914) (movie) [Tipsy Nuisance]
    Sunnyside (1919) (movie) [Farm handyman]
    Burlesque on Carmen (1916) (movie) [Darn Hosiery]
    In the Park (1915) (movie) [Charlie]
    Recreation (1914) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Tramp]
    Chaplin Today: The Kid (2003) (TV show)
    Fifty Years Before Your Eyes (1950) (movie) [Himself]
    Caught in the Rain (1914) (movie) [Tipsy Hotel Guest]
    Chaplin Revue, The (1959) (movie) [Narrator/Various]
    Modern Times (1936) (movie) [Charles as A factory worker]
    Gentleman Tramp, The (1975) (movie) [Himself]
    Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914) (movie) [The City Guy]
    Mabel's Married Life (1914) (movie) [Mabel's Husband]
    Zelig (1983) (movie) [Himself]
    Caught in a Cabaret (1914) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Waiter]
    Nickelodeon Days (1962) (movie)
    Star Boarder, The (1914) (movie) [The Star Boarder]
    Biography of the Millennium: 100 People - 1000 Years (1999) (TV mini series) [Himself (# 95)]
    Day's Pleasure, A (1919) (movie) [Father]
    It's Showtime (1976) (movie)
    Fatal Mallet, The (1914) (movie) [Suitor]
    Chaplin's Goliath (1996) (movie) [Himself]
    Behind the Screen (1916) (movie) [David (Goliath's assistant)]
    Chaplin Today: Monsieur Verdoux (2003) (TV show)
    Woman of Paris, A (1923) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Porter]
    Movie Album, The (1931) (movie) [Himself]
    Chaplin Today: City Lights (2003) (TV show)
    Rounders, The (1914) (movie) [Reveller]
    Hitler - eine Karriere (1977) (movie) [Himself]
    Those Love Pangs (1914) (movie) [Charles as Masher]
    Moving Picture Boys in the Great War, The (1975) (movie) [Himself]
    Count, The (1916) (movie) [Tailor's apprentice]
    Charlie Chaplin Festival (1938) (movie) [Various roles]
    Woman, A (1915) (movie) [Gentleman/'Nora Nettlerash']
    Great Dictator, The (1940) (movie) [Charles as Adenoid Hynkel (Dictator of Tomania)/A Jewish Barber]
    Knockout, The (1914) (movie) [Referee]
    Hollywood Outtakes (1984) (movie) [Himself]
    Twenty Minutes of Love (1914) (movie) [Pickpocket]
    Hollywood Without Make-Up (1950) (movie) [Himself]
    Tramp and the Dictator, The (2002) (movie) [Himself]
    Secret Life of Sergei Eisenstein, The (1987) (movie) [Himself (waves at fans)]
    Mixed Up (1915) (movie)
    Busy Day, A (1914) (movie) [Wife]
    Screen Snapshots No. 8: Looking Back (1946) (movie)
    Shanghaied (1915) (movie) [Charles as Tramp]
    Show People (1928) (movie) [Cameo appearance]
    Fireman, The (1916) (movie) [Fireman]
    Night Out, A (1915) (movie) [Reveller]
    Essanay-Chaplin Revue of 1916, The (1916) (movie)
    Charlie Chaplin - Les annees suisses (2003) (TV show) [Himself]
    Picture People No. 3: Hobbies of the Stars (1941) (movie) [Himself]
    Roaring Twenties, The (1996) (video) [Himself ('The Little Tramp' character)]
    Easy Street (1917) (movie) [The Derelict]
    Chaplin Puzzle, The (1992) (TV show) [Himself/The Tramp]
    Pay Day (1922) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Laborer]
    Kid, The (1921) (movie) [Tramp]
    Bank, The (1915) (movie) [Charlie, a Janitor]
    His New Job (1915) (movie) [Film Extra]
    Outlaw Comic: The Censoring of Bill Hicks (2003) (TV show)
    Gold Rush, The (1925) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as The Lone Prospector]
    Chaplin Today: A King in New York (2003) (TV show) [Himself]
    Ewige Jude, Der (1940) (movie) [Himself (1931)]
    Jitney Elopement, A (1915) (movie) [Suitor, the Fake Count]
    One A.M. (1916) (movie) [Drunk]
    Days of Thrills and Laughter (1961) (movie)
    Judy Garland's Hollywood (1997) (video)
    Tango Tangles (1914) (movie) [Tipsy Dancer]
    Burlesque on Carmen (1915) (movie) [Darn Hosiery]
    Immigrant, The (1917) (movie) [Immigrant]
    Wien-Film (1976) (movie) [Himself]
    Face on the Bar Room Floor, The (1914) (movie) [Artist]
    King in New York, A (1957) (movie) [King Shadov]
    Chaplin Today: Modern Times (2003) (TV show)
    When Comedy Was King (1960) (movie)
    Getting Acquainted (1914) (movie) [Charles as Spouse]
    Dog's Life, A (1918) (movie) [Tramp]
    Chaplin's Art of Comedy (1966) (movie)
    Triple Trouble (1918) (movie) [The Janitor]
    Cruel, Cruel Love (1914) (movie) [Lord Helpus]
    A&E Biography: Sophia Loren - Actress Italian Style (1999) (TV show) [Himself]
    Pawnshop, The (1916) (movie) [Pawnshop assistant]
    By the Sea (1915) (movie) [Stroller]
    Champion, The (1915) (movie) [Challenger]
    Casting Couch, The (1995) (video)
    Dough and Dynamite (1914) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Waiter]
    New Janitor, The (1914) (movie) [Janitor]
    Globe Hotel (1918) (movie)
    Adventurer, The (1917) (movie) [The Convict]
    Memories of Famous Hollywood Comedians (1952) (movie)
    Screen Snapshots: Spike Jones in Hollywood (1953) (movie) [Himself]
    Big Parade of Comedy, The (1964) (movie)
    Bond, The (1918) (movie) [Charlie]
    How to Make Movies (1918) (movie) [Himself]
    Shoulder Arms (1918) (movie) [Recruit]
    Police (1916) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Charlie, Convict 999]
    Star Power: The Creation of United Artists (1998) (video) [Himself]
    Night in the Show, A (1915) (movie) [Mr. Pest and Mr. Rowdy]
    His Favorite Pastime (1914) (movie) [Drunken masher]
    Canada: A People's History (2000) (TV mini series) [Himself]
    His Trysting Place (1914) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as Husband]
    Charlie Chaplin Cavalcade (1938) (movie) [Various roles]
    Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, The (1996) (TV mini series) [Himself]
    Charlie Chaplin: A Tramp's Life (1997) (TV show) [Himself]
    Chaplin Today: A Woman of Paris (2003) (TV show) [Himself]
    Countess from Hong Kong, A (1967) (movie) [Charles Chaplin as An old steward]
    Professor, The (1919) (movie) [Professor Bosco]

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