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    Name:  Cliff Nazarro


    Pictures of Cliff Nazarro


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    Movies featuring Cliff Nazarro

    I'm From Arkansas (1944) (movie) [Cliff as Willy Childs]
    In Old Colorado (1941) (movie) [Nosey Haskins]
    Shot in the Escape (1943) (movie) [Renfrow]
    Mr. Dynamite (1941) (movie) [Little Man]
    Blue Skies (1946) (movie) [Cliff (piano player)]
    Modern Minstrels (1930) (movie)
    Scatterbrain (1940) (movie) [Double-talker]
    Heavenly Body, The (1943) (movie) [Milkman]
    Ding Dong Williams (1946) (movie) [Zing]
    Singing Buckaroo, The (1937) (movie) [Gabby]
    Forged Passport (1939) (movie) [Cliff Nazarro as Shakespeare]
    World Premiere (1941) (movie) [Peters]
    A-Lad-In Bagdad (1938) (movie) [Aladdin (Egghead)]
    Artists and Models Abroad (1938) (movie) [Guide]
    Outside of Paradise (1938) (movie) [Cliff]
    Melody for Three (1941) (movie) [Cliff Nazarro as Mortimer Effington, sound effects demonstrator]
    Shantytown (1943) (movie) [Shortcake]
    Sailors on Leave (1941) (movie) [Mike]
    Count Me Out (1938) (movie) [Egghead]
    Pardon My Stripes (1942) (movie) [Nutsy]
    Desperate Adventure, A (1938) (movie) [Cliff Nazarro as Tipo]
    Gentleman Joe Palooka (1946) (movie) [First Character]
    Behind the Mike (1937) (movie) [Messenger Boy]
    Hillbilly Blitzkrieg (1942) (movie) [Barney Google]
    Rhythm Parade (1942) (movie) [Rockes]
    Rookies On Parade (1941) (movie) [Cliff Nazarro as Joe Martin]
    Two Saplings (1943) (movie)
    St. Louis Blues (1939) (movie) [Shorty]
    Behind the Tunes - Forever Befuddled (2003) (video)
    Thoroughbreds Don't Cry (1937) (movie) [Tubby Wells]
    New York Town (1941) (movie) [Cliff Nazarro as Burt's Companion]
    Call of the Canyon (1942) (movie) [Pete Murphy]
    Trocadero (1944) (movie) [Himself]
    Cinderella Meets Fella (1938) (movie) [Egghead]
    Night of January 16th (1941) (movie) [Gas Station Attendant]
    Dive Bomber (1941) (movie) [Cliff Nazarro as Corpsman 3rd Class]
    Swing Hostess (1944) (movie) [Bobo]
    'Neath Canadian Skies (1946) (movie) [Wilbur Wiggins]
    King of the Turf (1939) (movie) [1st Tout]
    Blondie Goes to College (1942) (movie) [Professor Mixwell, The Double Talker]
    Hamateur Night (1939) (movie) [Cliff Nazarro as Egghead]
    You'll Never Get Rich (1941) (movie) [Swivel Tongue 'Swiv']
    Arise, My Love (1940) (movie) [Botzelberg]
    Daffy Duck and Egghead (1938) (movie) [Egghead]
    Romance Rides the Range (1936) (movie) [Shorty]
    Grandpa Goes to Town (1940) (movie)
    Stablemates (1938) (movie) [Cliff]

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