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    Name:  Allan Lane
    Also known as:  Allan "Rocky" Lane, Allan 'Rocky' Lane, Allan Rocky Lane
    Nicknames:  Rocky


    Pictures of Allan Lane


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    Movies featuring Allan Lane

    Code of the Silver Sage (1950) (movie) [Allan Lane as Lt. Rocky Lane]
    Maid's Night Out (1938) (movie) [Bill Norman]
    Fifty Races to Town (1937) (movie) [Leroy Smedley]
    Famous Ferguson Case, The (1932) (movie) [Reporter]
    Frisco Tornado (1950) (movie) [Marshal Rocky Lane]
    War Mamas (1931) (movie) [Allan as Doughboy]
    Desperadoes' Outpost (1952) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    This Marriage Business (1938) (movie) [Bill Terry, Reporter]
    One Way Passage (1932) (movie) [Friend of Joan's]
    Local Boy Makes Good (1931) (movie) [Runner with a bad knee]
    Vigilante Hideout (1950) (movie) [Allan Lane as Rocky Lane]
    Leadville Gunslinger (1952) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Panama Lady (1939) (movie) [Dennis 'Mac' McTeague]
    Madam Satan (1930) (movie) [Zeppelin majordomo]
    Renegades of Sonora (1948) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Expensive Women (1931) (movie) [Allan Lane as Partier with Bobby]
    Rough Riders of Durango (1951) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Yukon Patrol, The (1942) (movie) [Sgt. Dave King, RCMP]
    Bandits of Dark Canyon (1947) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Black Hills Ambush (1952) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    All American Co-Ed (1941) (movie) [Allan Lane as Second Senior]
    Sheriff of Sundown (1944) (movie) [Tex Jordan]
    Heavens! My Husband (1932) (movie)
    Saga of Hemp Brown, The (1958) (movie) [Sheriff]
    Hell Bent for Leather (1960) (movie) [Kelsey]
    Tenderfoot, The (1932) (movie) [Allan Lane as An actor]
    Daredevils of the West (1943) (movie) [Duke Cameron]
    Conspiracy (1939) (movie) [Steve Kendall]
    Topeka Terror, The (1945) (movie) [Chad Stevens]
    Honor of the Family (1931) (movie) [Joseph]
    Carson City Raiders (1948) (movie) [Allan Lane as Rocky Lane]
    Savage Frontier (1953) (movie) [U.S. Marshal Rocky Lane]
    Oregon Trail Scouts (1947) (movie) [Red Ryder]
    Night Riders of Montana (1951) (movie) [Allan 'Rocky' Lane]
    They Made Her a Spy (1939) (movie) [George Wolf, alias James Huntley]
    Death Valley Gunfighter (1949) (movie) [Allan Lane as Allan 'Rocky' Lane]
    Stagecoach to Denver (1946) (movie) [Red Ryder]
    Sing and Be Happy (1937) (movie) [Hamilton Howe]
    Thundering Caravans (1952) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Desert of Lost Men (1951) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Trail of Robin Hood (1950) (movie) [Allan as Rocky Lane]
    Pacific Liner (1938) (movie) [Bilson]
    Frontier Investigator (1949) (movie) [Allan 'Rocky' Lane]
    Detectives Wanted (1929) (movie)
    Bandits of the West (1953) (movie) [Marshal Rocky Lane]
    Twelve Crowded Hours (1939) (movie) [Allan Lane as Dave Sanders]
    Stowaway (1936) (movie) [Richard Hope]
    King of the Royal Mounted (1940) (movie) [Sergeant Dave King]
    Call of the South Seas (1944) (movie) [Kendall Gaige]
    Vigilantes of Boomtown (1947) (movie) [Red Ryder]
    Bandit King of Texas (1949) (movie) [Allan as 'Rocky' Lane]
    Law West of Tombstone, The (1938) (movie) [Danny Sanders]
    Night Nurse (1931) (movie) [Intern]
    Covered Wagon Raid (1950) (movie) [Allan 'Rocky' Lane]
    Not Quite Decent (1929) (movie) [Jerry Connor]
    Marshal of Amarillo (1948) (movie) [Allan as Rocky Lane]
    Stagecoach to Monterey (1944) (movie) [Chick Weaver/Bruce Redmond]
    Rustlers of Devil's Canyon, The (1947) (movie) [Red Ryder]
    Rustlers on Horseback (1950) (movie) [Marshal Rocky Lane]
    Santa Fe Uprising (1946) (movie) [Red Ryder]
    Fort Dodge Stampede (1951) (movie) [Allan Lane as Deputy Sheriff Rocky Lane]
    Military Training (1941) (movie) [Lieutenant Instructor, Bayonet Drill]
    Sheriff of Wichita (1949) (movie) [Allan 'Rocky' Lane]
    Mister Ed (1961) (TV series) (TV Series)
    Love in the Rough (1930) (movie) [Harry Johnson]
    Powder River Rustlers (1949) (movie) [Allan Lane as Rocky Lane]
    Successful Calamity, A (1932) (movie) [Polo Player]
    Desperadoes of Dodge City (1948) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Crime Ring (1938) (movie) [Joe Ryan]
    Corpus Christi Bandits (1945) (movie) [Capt. James Christi/Corpus Christi Jim]
    Salt Lake Raiders (1950) (movie) [Allan Lane as Marshal Rocky Lane]
    Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937) (movie) [Richard Masters]
    Wild Frontier, The (1947) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Sundown in Santa Fe (1948) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Bold Frontiersman, The (1948) (movie) ['Rocky' Lane]
    Night Train to Memphis (1946) (movie) [Allan Lane as Dan Acuff]
    Red Ryder (1956) (TV series) (TV Series) [Red Ryder]
    Crash, The (1932) (movie) [Geoffrey's Associate]
    Fugitives for a Night (1938) (movie) [John Nelson]
    Out California Way (1946) (movie) [Allan Lane]
    Denver Kid, The (1948) (movie) [Allan Lane as Rocky Lane]
    Having Wonderful Time (1938) (movie) [Maxwell 'Mac' Pangwell]
    Posse from Hell (1961) (movie) [Burl Hogan]
    Oklahoma Badlands (1948) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Week-end Marriage (1932) (movie) [Clerk]
    Wells Fargo Gunmaster (1951) (movie) [Allan as Rocky Lane]
    Captive of Billy the Kid (1952) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Trail of Kit Carson (1945) (movie) [Bill Harmon]
    Spellbinder, The (1939) (movie) [Steve Kendall]
    Gay Blades (1946) (movie) [Andy Buell]
    Guy Could Change, A (1946) (movie) [Allan as Mike Hogan]
    Silver City Kid (1944) (movie) [Jack Adams]
    Land of Opportunity: The American Rodeo (1949) (movie) [Narrator]
    El Paso Stampede (1953) (movie) ['Rocky' Lane]
    Coffins on Wheels (1941) (movie) [Police Lieutenant]
    Bells of Rosarita (1945) (movie) [Allan Lane as Allan Lane]
    Winner Take All (1932) (movie) [Monty, Joan's Friend at the Stork Club]
    Tiger Woman, The (1944) (movie) [Allen Saunders]
    Star Witness, The (1931) (movie) [Plainclothesman at Leed's home]
    Knights Out (1929) (movie)
    Night Spot (1938) (movie) [Allan as Pete Cooper]
    Wyoming Bandit, The (1949) (movie) [Rocky Lane]
    Grand Ole Opry (1940) (movie) [Fred Barnes]
    Homesteaders of Paradise Valley (1947) (movie) [Red Ryder]
    King of the Mounties (1942) (movie) [Sgt. Dave King]
    Gunmen of Abilene (1950) (movie) [Allan Lane as Rocky Lane]
    Dancing Masters, The (1943) (movie) [George Worthing]
    Big Business (1937) (movie) [Ted Hewett]
    Duke Comes Back, The (1937) (movie) [Duke Foster]
    Miss Pinkerton (1932) (movie) [Herbert Wynn]
    Marshal of Cedar Rock (1953) (movie) [Allan Lane as Marshal Rocky Lane]
    Jungle Gold (1966) (TV show) [Allan Saunders]
    Laughing at Trouble (1936) (movie) [John Campbell]
    How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 8: 'The Brassie' (1931) (movie) [Loretta's Beau]
    Crooner (1932) (movie) [Dance Extra]
    Navajo Trail Raiders (1949) (movie) [Allan Lane as Rocky Lane]
    Forward Pass, The (1929) (movie) [Ed Kirby]
    Marshal of Cripple Creek (1947) (movie) [Red Ryder]

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