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    Name:  Brian Cox


    Pictures of Brian Cox


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    Movies featuring Brian Cox

    Merchants of Venus (1998) (movie)
    Fourth Floor, The (1986) (TV show) [Det. Chief Supt. Haladene]
    Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (1992) (TV mini series) [Macbeth, Thane of Glamis]
    Therese Raquin (1980) (TV mini series) [Laurent Raquin]
    Ring, The (2002) (movie) [Richard Morgan]
    Second Uncanny Issue of X-Men! Making 'X2', The (2003) (video) [Himself]
    Second World War in Colour, The (1999) (TV mini series) [Narrator (Japan's War)]
    Grushko (1994) (TV show) [Colonel Yevgeni Grushko]
    Rob Roy (1995) (movie) [Killearn]
    Food for Ravens (1997) (TV show)
    Hidden Agenda (1990) (movie) [Brian as Kerrigan]
    Regi Andrej Tarkovskij (1988) (movie) [Voiceover Narrator]
    Spike Lee's '25th Hour': The Evolution of an American Filmmaker (2003) (video) [Himself]
    Prince of Jutland (1994) (movie) [Aethelwine]
    Out (1978) (TV mini series) [McGrath]
    Woman in Winter, A (2005) (movie) [Brian as Dr. Hunt]
    Acting (1987) (TV mini series) [Himself (episode "Brian Cox on Acting in Tragedy")]
    Legend of Loch Lomond, The (2001) (movie) [Narrator]
    Oeil de Vichy, L' (1993) (movie) [Narrator (English version)]
    Blue/Orange (2005) (TV show) [Dr. Robert Smith]
    Glimmer Man, The (1996) (movie) [Brian Cox as Mr. Smith]
    Sharpe's Rifles (1993) (TV show) [Maj. Hogan]
    Long Kiss Goodnight, The (1996) (movie) [Dr. Nathan Waldman]
    Devil's Crown, The (1978) (TV series) (TV Series) [Henry II]
    She Stoops to Conquer (1971) (TV show) [Hastings]
    Affair of the Necklace, The (2001) (movie) [Brian as Minister Breteuil]
    Sin (2003) (movie) [Captain Oakes]
    Florence Nightingale (1985) (TV show) [Dr. McGrigor]
    Manhunt (2003) (video game) [The Director]
    Biographer, The (2002) (TV show) [Michael O'Mara]
    Inside 'Manhunter' (2001) (video) [Himself]
    Henry V at Shakespeare's Globe (1997) (TV show) [Narration]
    Invention of Dr. Morel, The (2000) (movie) [Dr. Morel]
    Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson (2004) (movie) [Other Voices]
    Poodle Springs (1998) (TV show) [Clayton Blackstone]
    For Love of the Game (1999) (movie) [Brian Cox as Gary Wheeler]
    Super Troopers (2001) (movie) [Capt. John O'Hagan]
    Cloning of Joanna May, The (1992) (TV show) [Carl May]
    Longitude (2000) (TV show) [Lord Morton]
    Bourne Supremacy, The (2004) (movie) [Ward Abbott]
    Witness Against Hitler (1996) (TV show) [Brian as Judge Freisler]
    Braveheart (1995) (movie) [Argyle Wallace]
    New Window Pane, A (1997) (movie)
    KillZone (2004) (video game) [Scolar Visari]
    Changeling, The (1974) (TV show) [Alsemero]
    Kiss the Girls (1997) (movie) [Brian Cox as Chief Hatfield, Durham P.D.]
    Pope John Paul II (1984) (TV show) [Father Gora]
    25th Hour (2002) (movie) [James Brogan]
    Beryl Markham: A Shadow on the Sun (1988) (TV show) [Jock Purves]
    Big Battalions, The (1992) (TV mini series) [Edward Hoyland]
    Troy (2004) (movie) [Brian as Agamemnon]
    Enemy of the State (1987) (TV show)
    Adaptation. (2002) (movie) [Robert McKee]
    Lost Language of Cranes, The (1991) (TV show) [Owen Benjamin]
    Rookie, The (2002) (movie) [Jim Morris Sr.]
    Six Characters in Search of an Author (1992) (TV show) [Brian Cox as The Director]
    Year of the Sex Olympics, The (1968) (TV show) [Lasar Opie]
    Ringer, The (2005) (movie)
    Queen Elizabeth's Magician (2001) (TV show) [Narrator]
    Shot at Glory, A (2000) (movie) [Martin Smith]
    Negotiator, The (1994) (TV show) [Brian as Charlie King]
    Boxer, The (1997) (movie) [Joe Hamill]
    Corruptor, The (1999) (movie) [Sean Wallace]
    Saltwater (2000) (movie) [George]
    Bug (2002) (movie) [Cyr]
    X2 (2003) (movie) [Brian Cox as William Stryker]
    Evening Standard British Film Awards, The (2005) (TV show) [Himself]
    Deliberate Death of a Polish Priest, The (1986) (TV show) [Waldemar Chrostowski]
    King Lear (1984) (TV show) [Burgundy]
    Cantor of St Thomas's, The (1984) (TV show) [Johann Sebastian Bach]
    Iron Will (1994) (movie) [Brian Cox as Angus McTeague]
    Green Man of Knowledge, The (2000) (movie)
    Minus Man, The (1999) (movie) [Doug Durwin]
    Red Fox (1991) (TV mini series) [Geoffrey Harrison]
    Murder by Numbers (2001) (movie) [Himself]
    Manhunter (1986) (movie) [Brian as Dr. Hannibal Lecktor]
    Trials of Henry Kissinger, The (2002) (movie) [Narrator]
    Secret Weapon (1990) (TV show) [Andrew Neil]
    Running with Scissors (2006) (movie) [Dr. Finch]
    Nicholas and Alexandra (1971) (movie) [Trotsky]
    Rushmore (1998) (movie) [Brian as Dr. Nelson Guggenheim]
    Match Point (2005) (movie)
    Burns (2006) (movie) [James Armour]
    Modern World: Ten Great Writers, The (1988) (TV mini series) [Henrik Ibsen]
    Rasputin: The Devil in the Flesh (2002) (TV show) [Narrator]
    Nuremberg (2000) (TV mini series) [Brian Cox as Reichsmarschall Hermann Wilhelm Goring]
    Chain Reaction (1996) (movie) [Lyman Earl Collier]
    Complicity (2000) (movie) [Inspector McDunn]
    Murder by Moonlight (1989) (TV show) [Voronov]
    Strictly Sinatra (2001) (movie) [Chisolm]
    Desperate Measures (1998) (movie) [Brian as Captain Jeremiah Cassidy]
    Sharpe's Eagle (1993) (TV show) [Maj. Hogan]
    Smallpox 2002: Silent Weapon (2002) (TV show) [Narrator]
    Red-Eye (2005) (movie) [Joe Reisert]
    In Celebration (1975) (movie) [Steven Shaw]
    L.I.E. (2001) (movie) [Brian Cox as Big John Harrigan]
    Bourne Identity, The (2002) (movie) [Ward Abbott]
    Get the Picture (2004) (movie) [Harry Sondheim]
    Deceptions (1992) (movie) [Carlton Heard]
    Reckoning, The (2003) (movie) [Tobias]
    Mad About Mambo (2000) (movie) [Brian as Sidney McLoughlin]
    Hammer House of Horror (1980) (TV series) (TV Series)
    Shoot for the Sun (1986) (TV show) [Duffy]

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