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    Name:  Burt Reynolds
    Nicknames:  Buddy


    Pictures of Burt Reynolds


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    Movies featuring Burt Reynolds

    70th Annual Academy Awards, The (1998) (TV show) [Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role]
    W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings (1975) (movie) [W.W. Bright]
    Superstunt (1978) (TV show)
    Big City Blues (1999) (movie) [Connor]
    Dinah Shore: In Search of the Ideal Man (1973) (TV show) [Himself]
    Hunter's Moon, The (1999) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Clayton Samuels]
    Southern Voices, American Dreams (1985) (movie) [Himself]
    Tempted (2001) (movie) [Charlie LeBlanc]
    Operation C.I.A. (1965) (movie) [Mark Andrews]
    Basic Football (1994) (video) [Host]
    Gumball 3000: The Movie (2003) (movie) [Himself]
    Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The (1982) (movie) [Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd]
    Hooper (1978) (movie) [Sonny Hooper]
    Evening Shade (1990) (TV series) (TV Series) [Wood Newton]
    Man from Left Field, The (1993) (TV show) [Jack Robinson]
    Angel Baby (1961) (movie) [Burt as Hoke Adams]
    Hunters Are for Killing (1970) (TV show) [L.G. Floran]
    Nickelodeon (1976) (movie) [Buck Greenway]
    B.L. Stryker (1989) (TV series) (TV Series) [B.L. Stryker (1989-1990)]
    Auf Herz und Nieren (2001) (movie) [Banko]
    At Long Last Love (1975) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Michael Oliver Pritchard III]
    Hustle (1975) (movie) [Lieutenant Phil Gaines]
    Spencer Tracy Legacy: A Tribute by Katharine Hepburn, The (1986) (TV show) [Himself]
    Delgo (2005) (movie) [Delgo's father]
    Shamus (1973) (movie) [Shamus McCoy]
    AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies (1998) (TV show) [Himself]
    Longest Yard, The (1974) (movie) [Paul Crewe]
    Most Outrageous Game Show Moments, The (2002) (TV show) [Himself]
    Instant Karma (2005) (movie)
    Gunsmoke (1955) (TV series) (TV Series) [Quint Asper (blacksmith) (1962-1965)]
    Party for Richard Pryor, A (1991) (TV show) [Himself]
    Player, The (1992) (movie) [Himself]
    City Heat (1984) (movie) [Mike Murphy]
    Citizen Ruth (1996) (movie) [Blaine Gibbons]
    Frankenstein and Me (1996) (movie) [Les Williams]
    ESPY Awards (2000) (TV show)
    Crew, The (2000) (movie) [Joey 'Bats' Pistella]
    Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms (1998) (TV show) [Mentor/CIA Deputy Director]
    White Lightning (1973) (movie) [Bobby "Gator' McKlusky]
    Don Siegel: Last of the Independents (1980) (TV show) [Guest]
    Malone (1987) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Richard Malone]
    Deliverance (1972) (movie) [Lewis Medlock]
    Gator (1976) (movie) [Gator McKlusky]
    Without a Paddle (2004) (movie) [Del Knox]
    Cherokee Kid, The (1996) (TV show) [Otter Bob the Mountain Man]
    Burt Reynolds: The E! True Hollywood Story (2000) (TV show) [Himself]
    Waterproof (1999) (movie) [Eli Zeal]
    Time of the Wolf (2002) (movie) [Archie McGregor]
    Uphill All the Way (1986) (movie)
    Hard Time (1998) (TV show) [Det. Logan McQueen]
    Skullduggery (1970) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Douglas Temple]
    Hollywood Sign, The (2001) (movie) [Kage Mulligan]
    Celebrity Profile: Marilu Henner (1999) (TV show) [Himself]
    Lucky Lady (1975) (movie) [Walker]
    Adventures of Errol Flynn, The (2005) (TV show) [Himself]
    Story of Bean, The (1997) (TV show) [Himself]
    Rough Cut (1980) (movie) [Jack Rhodes]
    Man Who Loved Women, The (1983) (movie) [David Fowler]
    Hard Time: Hostage Hotel (1999) (TV show) [Det. Logan McQueen]
    Modern Love (1990) (movie) [Colonel Frank Parker]
    Breaking In (1989) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Ernie Mullins]
    Last Producer, The (2000) (movie) [Sonny Wexler]
    Boogie Nights (1997) (movie) [Jack Horner]
    James Bond: The First 21 Years (1983) (TV show) [Himself]
    Die Laughing (1990) (TV show) [B. L. Stryker]
    Striptease (1996) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Congressman David Dilbeck]
    B.L. Stryker: The Dancer's Touch (1989) (TV show) [B.L. Stryker]
    Mad Dog Time (1996) (movie) ['Wacky' Jacky Jackson]
    Shattered If Your Kid's On Drugs (1986) (TV show)
    End, The (1978) (movie) [Wendell Sonny Lawson]
    Pups (1999) (movie) [Burt as Daniel Bender]
    Johnson County War (2002) (TV mini series) [Marshal Hunt Lawton]
    45th Annual Academy Awards, The (1973) (TV show) [Himself - Co-Presenter: Best Original Dramatic Score & Best Original Song Score and/or Adaptation]
    100 Rifles (1969) (movie) [Yaqui Joe Herrera]
    Librarians, The (2004) (movie)
    Reflections on 'The X-Files' (2004) (video) [Himself]
    Fade-In (1968) (TV show)
    Reel Classics with Burt Reynolds (2003) (TV series) (TV Series) [Host]
    Great Escape: Preparations for Freedom, The (2001) (TV show) [Narrator]
    Sherman's March (1986) (movie) [Himself]
    4th and Life (2003) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Narrator]
    Raven (1997) (movie) [Jerome Katz,a.k.a. Raven]
    Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter (1982) (TV show) [Himself - Co-host]
    Run, Simon, Run (1970) (TV show) [Simon Zuniga]
    Riverboat (1959) (TV series) (TV Series) [Ben Frazer (1959-1960)]
    End Game (2005) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as General Montgomery]
    Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 (1983) (movie) [The Real Bandit]
    Great Battles of the Civil War, The (1994) (TV mini series) [T. Jackson]
    Wind in the Wire (1993) (TV show)
    Century of Cinema, A (1994) (movie) [Himself]
    46th Annual Academy Awards, The (1974) (TV show) [Himself - Co-host]
    Sex at 24 Frames Per Second (2003) (video) [Himself (interviewee)]
    Hawk (1966) (TV series) (TV Series) [Detective Lt. John Hawk]
    Best Friends (1982) (movie) [Richard Babson]
    Hotel (2001) (movie) [Flamenco Manager]
    Stick (1985) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Ernest Stickley,a.k.a. Stick]
    2004 MTV Movie Awards (2004) (TV show) [Himself]
    Sharky's Machine (1981) (movie) [Sharky]
    Maddening, The (1995) (movie) [Roy Scudder]
    Founding Fathers (2000) (TV mini series) [Patrick Henry]
    Semi-Tough (1977) (movie) [Burt as Billy Clyde Puckett]
    Live from New York: The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live (2005) (TV show) [Himself]
    Grilled (2005) (movie) [Cookie Goldbluth]
    Miss Lettie and Me (2002) (TV show) [Samuel Madison]
    Cannonball Run II (1984) (movie) [J.J. McClure]
    Physical Evidence (1989) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Joe Paris]
    Switching Channels (1988) (movie) [John L. Sullivan IV]
    Forget About It (2005) (movie) [Sam LeFleur]
    Smokey and the Bandit (1977) (movie) ['Bandit'/Bo Darville]
    Shark! (1969) (movie) [Caine]
    Stroker Ace (1983) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Stroker Ace]
    43rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, The (1991) (TV show) [Himself]
    Double Jeopardy (1970) (TV show) [Detective Lieutenant Dan August]
    Wrestlemania X (1994) (video) [Himself]
    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972) (movie) [Sperm Switchboard Chief]
    Ultimate Stuntman: A Tribute to Dar Robinson, The (1987) (TV show) [Himself]
    Fuzz (1972) (movie) [Steve Carella (Fuzz)]
    King of Jazz (1990) (TV show) [B. L. Stryker]
    Mystery, Alaska (1999) (movie) [Judge Walter Burns]
    Bean (1997) (movie) [General Newton]
    Dan August (1970) (TV series) (TV Series) [Burt Reynolds as Detective Lieutenant Dan August (1970-1971)]
    Cannonball Run, The (1981) (movie) [J.J. McClure]
    Meet Wally Sparks (1997) (movie) [Lenny Spencer]
    Blade Rider, Revenge of the Indian Nations (1966) (movie) [Red Hand]
    Rent-a-Cop (1988) (movie) [Tony Church]
    Crazy Six (1998) (movie) [Burt as Dakota]
    Hard Ground (2003) (TV show) [John McKay]
    Starting Over (1979) (movie) [Phil Potter]
    Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business (1998) (TV show) [Mentor/CIA Deputy Director/GR88]
    Silent Movie (1976) (movie) [Himself]
    Great Escape: A Standing Ovation, The (2001) (TV show) [Burt as Narrator]
    High Hopes: The Capra Years (1981) (TV show)
    Paternity (1981) (movie) [Buddy Evans]
    Happy 100th Birthday Hollywood (1987) (TV show) [Himself]
    Hard Time: The Premonition (1999) (TV show) [Det. Logan McQueen]
    Dangerous World of 'Deliverance', The (1972) (movie) [Himself]
    Sam Whiskey (1969) (movie) [Sam Whiskey]
    Impasse (1969) (movie) [Pat Morrison]
    Driven (2001) (movie) [Carl Henry]
    Heat (1986) (movie) [Nick Escalante, a.k.a. Mex]
    Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, The (1973) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Jay]
    All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) (movie) [Charlie B. Barkin]
    Armored Command (1961) (movie) [Skee]
    Stringer (1999) (movie) [Wolko]
    Cloud Nine (2005) (movie) [Billy Cole]
    Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show 2, The (1991) (TV show) [Burt as Host]
    American Movie Awards, The (1980) (TV show) [Himself - Award Winner]
    Cop & 1/2 (1993) (movie) [Nick McKenna]
    Out of This World (1987) (TV series) (TV Series) [Troy Garland of Anterias]
    Navajo Joe (1966) (movie) [Joe]
    Smokey and the Bandit II (1980) (movie) [Burt Reynolds as Bandit]
    Great Escape: The Flight to Freedom, The (2001) (TV show) [Narrator]
    Walt Disney World 4th of July Spectacular (1988) (TV show) [Himself]
    Snapshots (2002) (movie) [Larry Goldberg]
    Longest Yard, The (2005) (movie) [Coach Nate Scarborough]
    Orson Welles Show, The (1979) (TV series) (TV Series)
    Benny Hill: The World's Favorite Clown (1991) (TV show) [Himself]
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) (video game) [Avery Carrington]
    Dukes of Hazzard, The (2005) (movie) [Boss Hogg]
    Ruby Wax Meets (1996) (TV series) (TV Series) [Himself]

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