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    Name:  Ken Maynard


    Pictures of Ken Maynard


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    Movies featuring Ken Maynard

    Parade of the West (1930) (movie) [Ken Maynard as Bud Rand]
    Lawless Riders (1935) (movie) [Ken Manley]
    Sunset Trail (1932) (movie) [Jim Brandon]
    California Mail, The (1929) (movie) [Bob Scott]
    Code of the Scarlet, The (1928) (movie) [Bruce Kenton]
    Smoking Guns (1934) (movie) [Ken as Ken Masters, posing as Dick Evans]
    Land Beyond the Law, The (1927) (movie) [Jerry Steele]
    Gun Justice (1933) (movie) [Ken Lance]
    Janice Meredith (1924) (movie) [Paul Revere]
    Sons of the Saddle (1930) (movie) [Jim Brandon]
    Lone Avenger, The (1933) (movie) [Ken Maynard as Cal Weston]
    Boots of Destiny (1937) (movie) [Ken Crawford]
    Blazing Guns (1943) (movie) [Marshal Ken Maynard]
    Wheels of Destiny (1934) (movie) [Ken Manning]
    Western Frontier (1935) (movie) [Ken Masters]
    Between Fighting Men (1932) (movie) [Ken Maynard as Ken Lanning (adopted son of Winchester Thompson)]
    Ranger Courage (1937) (movie)
    Whirlwind Horseman (1938) (movie) [Ken Morton]
    Come On, Tarzan (1932) (movie) [Ken Benson]
    Avenging Waters (1936) (movie) [Ken Morley]
    Western Courage (1935) (movie) [Ken as Ken Baxter]
    Lightning Strikes West (1940) (movie) [Lightning Ken Morgan]
    Alias: The Bad Man (1931) (movie) [Texas Ranger Ken Neville, posing as 'Red River' Gatnz]
    Marshal of Windy Hollow, The (1972) (movie) [Texas Ranger]
    King of the Arena (1933) (movie) [Ken 'Firebrand' Kenton, Texas Ranger]
    Hell Fire Austin (1932) (movie) [Ken as Ken 'Hell-Fire' Austin]
    Somewhere in Sonora (1927) (movie) [Bob Bishop]
    Fugitive Sheriff, The (1936) (movie) [Ken Marshall]
    Phantom Thunderbolt (1933) (movie) [Ken Peters, posing as the Thunderbolt Kid]
    Texas Gun Fighter (1932) (movie) [Bill Dane]
    Honor of the Range (1934) (movie) [Ken Maynard as Sheriff Ken Bellamy & Clem Bellamy]
    Trail Drive, The (1933) (movie) [Ken Benton]
    Devil's Saddle, The (1927) (movie) [Harry Morrel]
    Royal Rider, The (1929) (movie) [Dick Scott]
    False Faces (1932) (movie) [Ken Maynard (Cameo in Nightclub Sequence)]
    Harmony Trail (1944) (movie) [Ken as Marshal Ken Maynard]
    Six Shootin' Sheriff (1938) (movie) [Jim 'Trigger' Morton]
    Two-Gun Man (1931) (movie) ['Blackie' Weed]
    Lawless Legion, The (1929) (movie) [Cal Stanley]
    Song of the Caballero (1930) (movie) [Juan/El Lobo]
    Mystery Mountain (1934) (movie) [Ken as Ken Williams]
    Phantom City, The (1928) (movie) [Tim Kelly]
    Fighting Courage (1925) (movie) [Richard Kingsley]
    Lucky Larkin (1930) (movie) [Lucky Larkin]
    Fighting Thru; or, California in 1878 (1930) (movie) [Dan Barton]
    Strawberry Roan (1933) (movie) [Ken Maynard as Ken Masters]
    Haunted Gold (1932) (movie)
    Heir to Trouble (1935) (movie) [Ken Armstrong]
    Grey Vulture, The (1926) (movie) [Bart Miller]
    Law Rides Again, The (1943) (movie) [U.S. Marshal Ken Maynard]
    Fargo Express (1933) (movie) [Ken as Ken Cameron]
    Glorious Trail, The (1928) (movie) [Pat O'Leary]
    Demon Rider, The (1925) (movie) [Billy Dennis]
    Flaming Lead (1939) (movie) [Ken Clark]
    North Star (1925) (movie) [Noel Blake]
    Phantom Rancher (1940) (movie) [Ken Maynard as Ken Mitchell]
    Tombstone Canyon (1932) (movie) [Ken Mason]
    Trailing Trouble (1937) (movie) [Friendly Fields/Blackie Burke]
    Canyon of Adventure, The (1928) (movie) [Steven Bancroft]
    Senor Americano (1929) (movie) [Lieutenant Michael Banning]
    Cattle Thief, The (1936) (movie) [Ken Maynard as Ken]
    Range Law (1931) (movie) [Hap Connors]
    Upland Rider, The (1928) (movie) [Dan Dailey]
    Fighting Legion, The (1930) (movie) [Dave Hayes]
    Senor Daredevil (1926) (movie) [Don Luis O'Flaherty]
    Bigfoot (1970) (movie) [Ken Maynard as Mr. Bennett]
    Drum Taps (1933) (movie) [Ken Cartwright]
    Unknown Cavalier, The (1926) (movie) [Tom Drury]
    Wild Horse Stampede (1943) (movie) [Marshal Ken Maynard]
    $50,000 Reward (1924) (movie) [Tex Sherwood]
    Red Raiders, The (1927) (movie) [Ken Maynard as Lt. John Scott]
    Arizona Whirlwind (1944) (movie) [Ken Maynard]
    Rustlers of Red Dog (1935) (movie) [Stock footage from 'The Red Riders']
    In Old Santa Fe (1934) (movie) [Ken 'Kentucky' Maynard]
    Man Who Won, The (1923) (movie) [Conroy]
    Fiddlin' Buckaroo, The (1933) (movie) [Ken as Ken McDermid, called 'Fiddlin']
    Man From Monterey, The (1933) (movie) [The Canyon of Adventure]
    Big Stampede, The (1932) (movie)
    Wagon Show, The (1928) (movie) [Bob Mason]
    Dynamite Ranch (1932) (movie) [Blaze Howell]
    Heroes of the Range (1936) (movie) [Ken as Ken Smith]
    Haunted Range (1926) (movie) [Terry Bladwin]
    Gun Gospel (1927) (movie) [Granger Hume]
    Death Rides the Range (1939) (movie) [Ken Baxter]
    Mountain Justice (1930) (movie) [Ken McTavish]
    Whistlin' Dan (1932) (movie) [Ken Maynard as 'Whistlin' Dan Savage posing as Dan Black]
    Wagon Master, The (1929) (movie) [The Rambler]
    Pocatello Kid, The (1931) (movie) [The Pocatello Kid/Sheriff Jim Bledsoe]
    Cheyenne (1929) (movie) [Cal Roberts]
    Arizona Terror (1931) (movie) [Ken McLean, known as The Arizonian]
    Branded Men (1931) (movie) [Ken as Rod Whitaker]
    Westward Bound (1944) (movie) [Ken Maynard]
    Cameo Kirby (1923) (movie)
    Overland Stage, The (1927) (movie) [Jack Jessup]
    Death Valley Rangers (1943) (movie) [Ken Maynard]

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