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    Name:  Lew Ayres
    Also known as:  Lewis Ayres


    Pictures of Lew Ayres


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    Movies featuring Lew Ayres

    Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (1940) (movie) [Lew as Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare]
    Kiss, The (1929) (movie) [Pierre Lassalle]
    Questor Tapes, The (1974) (TV show) [Vaslovik]
    Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood, The (1932) (movie) [Himself]
    Heaven on Earth (1931) (movie) [States]
    Johnny Belinda (1948) (movie) [Lew as Dr. Robert Richardson]
    Leathernecks Have Landed, The (1936) (movie) [Woodruff 'Woody' Davis]
    Stranger, The (1973) (TV show) [Prof. Dylan MacAuley]
    My Weakness (1933) (movie) [Ronnie Gregory]
    Doorway to Hell, The (1930) (movie) [Louie Ricarno, aka Louie Lamarr]
    Hold 'Em Navy (1937) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Tommy Graham]
    Hollywood My Home Town (1965) (movie) [Himself]
    These Glamour Girls (1939) (movie) [Philip S. 'Phil' Griswold III]
    Hawaii Five-O: Cocoon (1968) (TV show) [Governor of Hawaii]
    Remember? (1939) (movie) [Schuyler 'Sky' Ames]
    Silk Hat Kid (1935) (movie) [Lew as Eddie Howard]
    Carpetbaggers, The (1964) (movie) ['Mac' McAllister]
    MGM: When the Lion Roars (1992) (TV mini series) [Himself]
    Salem's Lot (1979) (TV show) [Jason Berk]
    Savage in the Orient (1983) (TV show)
    Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident (1976) (TV show) [Lew Ayres as Allen Dulles]
    Murder with Pictures (1936) (movie) [Kent Murdock]
    People vs. Dr. Kildare, The (1941) (movie) [Dr. James Kildare]
    Iron Man (1931) (movie) [Kid Mason]
    State Fair (1933) (movie) [Pat Gilbert]
    Last Generation, The (1971) (movie)
    Marcus Welby, M.D. (1969) (TV show) [Dr. Andrew Swanson]
    Okay, America! (1932) (movie) [Larry Wayne]
    Servants' Entrance (1934) (movie) [Erik Landstrom]
    Night World (1932) (movie) [Michael Rand]
    Broadway Serenade (1939) (movie) [Lew Ayres as James Geoffrey 'Jimmy' Seymour]
    Hollywood Without Make-Up (1950) (movie) [Himself]
    Don't Bet on Love (1933) (movie) [Bill McCaffery]
    Dark Mirror, The (1946) (movie) [Dr. Scott Elliott]
    Scandal Street (1938) (movie) [Joe McKnight]
    Ice Follies of 1939, The (1939) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Eddie Burgess]
    Dr. Kildare's Crisis (1940) (movie) [Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare]
    Battlestar Galactica (1978) (TV show) [President Adar]
    Lime Street (1985) (TV series) (TV Series) [Henry Wade Culver]
    Advise and Consent (1962) (movie) [Vice President Harley M. Hudson]
    Dr. Kildare's Victory (1942) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare]
    Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973) (movie) [Mandemus (keeper of the armory)]
    She Waits (1972) (TV show) [Dr. Sam Carpenter]
    She Learned About Sailors (1934) (movie) [Larry Wilson]
    Let's Be Ritzy (1934) (movie) [Jimmy Sterling]
    Of Mice and Men (1981) (TV show) [Lew Ayres as Candy]
    Common Clay (1930) (movie) [Hugh Fullerton]
    Crime Nobody Saw, The (1937) (movie) [Nick Milburn]
    New Mexico (1951) (movie) [Capt. Hunt]
    Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (1941) (movie) [Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare]
    Calling Dr. Kildare (1939) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Dr, James 'Jimmy' Kildare]
    Rich Man, Poor Girl (1938) (movie) [Henry Thayer]
    Columbo: Mind Over Mayhem (1974) (TV show) [Dr. Howard Nicholson]
    Young Dr. Kildare (1938) (movie) [Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare]
    Damien: Omen II (1978) (movie) [Bill Atherton]
    Last Train from Madrid, The (1937) (movie) [Lew as Bill Dexter]
    East Is West (1930) (movie) [Billy Benson]
    Biscuit Eater, The (1972) (movie) [Mr. Ames]
    Spring Tonic (1935) (movie) [Caleb Enix]
    Impatient Maiden (1932) (movie) [Dr. Myron Brown]
    Spirit of Notre Dame, The (1931) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Bucky O'Brien]
    Secret of Dr. Kildare, The (1939) (movie) [Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare]
    Hart to Hart: Crimes of the Hart (1994) (TV show) [Prof. Cabel]
    Panic on the Air (1936) (movie) [Jerry]
    No Escape (1953) (movie) [John Tracy]
    Capture, The (1950) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Lin Vanner aka Lindley Brown]
    That's Entertainment, Part II (1976) (movie) [Appearance]
    Big News (1929) (movie) [Copyboy]
    Man, The (1972) (movie) [Noah Calvin]
    Golden Fleecing, The (1940) (movie) [Henry Twinkle]
    Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare]
    Frontier Justice (1958) (TV series) (TV Series) [Host (1958)]
    Suddenly, Love (1978) (TV show) [Mr. Graham]
    Don Camillo (1983) (movie) [Doc]
    Altars of the East (1955) (movie) [Narrator]
    Earth II (1971) (TV show) [Lew as President Charles Carter Durant]
    Maisie Was a Lady (1941) (movie) [Robert 'Bob'/'Bobby' Rawlston]
    Up for Murder (1931) (movie) [Robert Marshall]
    Unfaithful, The (1947) (movie) [Larry Hannaford]
    Cross Country Cruise (1934) (movie) [Norman]
    Many a Slip (1931) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Jerry Brooks]
    Under Siege (1986) (TV show) [John Pace]
    Letters from Frank (1979) (TV show) [Dan Miller]
    Donovan's Brain (1953) (movie) [Dr. Patrick J. Cory]
    Greatest Heroes of the Bible (1978) (TV mini series) [Noah]
    King of the Newsboys (1938) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Jerry Flynn]
    All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) (movie) [Paul Baumer]
    Shakedown (1936) (movie) [Bob Sanderson]
    Lottery Lover, The (1935) (movie) [Cadet Frank Harrington]
    Spring Madness (1938) (movie) [Sam 'Sammy' Thatcher]
    Cast the First Stone (1989) (TV show) [Lew as Martin]
    Holiday (1938) (movie) [Edward 'Ned' Seton]
    Fingers at the Window (1942) (movie) [Oliver Duffy]
    Heat Wave! (1974) (TV show) [Dr. Grayson]
    Reunion (1980) (TV show) [Bob Hollander]
    Sophomore, The (1929) (movie) [Lew Ayres as Bit Part]
    End of the World (1977) (movie) [Cmdr. Joseph Beckerman]
    Lady Be Careful (1936) (movie) [Dynamite]

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